Executive Members 

Mandy Rousselle



Certified National Level NCCP Coach

Head Coach Mandy has over 20 years experience with the sport of synchronized skating. She currently coaches the Adult 2 and Elementary Teams. 


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Angela Anderson



Certified Regional NCCP Coach

Angela coaches both the Beginner Team and the Adult 3 Team. She also coaches the Skating Skills program on Sundays and Wednesdays. 


President:  Janine Barr

Vice President: Chris Rousselle

Secretary: Jessica Simpson

Treasurer: Syona Keast

Bingo Coordinators: Sheena Jackson, Christina Fletcher


Julie Terris

Canskate Coach


Canskate Trained Coach and also a member of the Adult 2 Synchronized Skating Team. 

Julie works with the Program Assistants to create a high energy Canskate Program. 


Program Assistants

Program Assistants are skaters who volunteer their time to help the Canskate program. They take direction from the coaches and are vital to the success of the Canskate program.